• Why should I use Snatch?

    Snatch allows you to take a phone number by voice over your smartphone. It also allows you to snatch a phone number when someone you are talking to types it into their phone. So now you don’t need to waist time while you scramble for pen and paper to do that.

  • How do I use Snatch?

    When some one says to you over your phone “Do you have a pen and paper?” you simply respond by clicking the start button on gour snatch app phone pad and then say “Go ahead!” When they speak the number Snatch will write it down for you in your snatch phone pad. Then you can call it by just pressing the green phone call key. Ylu can store it to contacts and use contacts to call it to. Or you can just continue your conversation and when you are finished and hang up the nuber snatched will still be there for you to call or store.

  • Can I share Snatch with soneone?

    Yes we hope you love us and like us for the convenience of Snatch and share it with friends. Just press the Invite icon. and share it on Facebook or emails with all your friends. With just a click you will make your friends happy with Snatch.

  • Will Snatch work on my 3G / 4G and on wi-fi calls too?

    Yes:)) Awsume!

    Can I make Snatch my default phone pad? Yes and we hope you do so you will always be able to Snatch a phone number conveniently.

  • Does Snatch give me all the featueea that my Android phone pad gives me?

    Yes. You have access to your contacts and all of the features of your Android phone pad plus the Snatch features that only Snatch can give you.

  • What languages does Snatch speak?

    English, Hindi, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Who is the girl on the splash page?

    We don’t know but we think she will be famous.