About us

We are dedicated to bring about a revolution in the use of the smartphone to make it more appealing and fun to use.

What is Snatch?  Snatch is here to make your life on the smartphone a little easier when it comes to taking down a phone number.

When someone offers you a phone number over the phone now you don’t have to search for a pen and paper to write it down because with Snatch your smart phone just got smarter.  With Snatchnow when someone says to you “Do you have a pen and paper?” all you have to do is press the ‘Snatch Start” icon and tell them to go “Go ahead with the number” and Snatch will snatch the number from their voice and make it available for you to call or save to contacts…  So now you are free from needing dumb pen and paper to get a phone number on to your “Smart phone.”

O.K but what if the person giving you a number is at loud sporting match and the voice is not coming through clearly. No problem, you just ask that person to type it into their phone pad and Snatch will still snatch the number for you to use.  And it does not matter what kind of phone they are calling you on as long as it is a touch tone phone.  So they can type the number into any cell phone or even a land line phone.  So let’s say that you are speaking to a doctor’s office, or a business land line.  Snatch can still snatch the number that they type in no matter what kind of phone it is.  Ah…Except the old fashioned rotary phone. It won’t capture an old fashioned telegraph either but we are working on that.  (Joking)

Snatch knows your country code.  You can change the country code in the drop down to capture an international number. Snatch speaks many languages too.